Projects in the Ether

I’ve considered at great length what I’d like to do when I finish the DCUG.  Some of you may know that I took a little time off of my sisyphus’ rock of a mod to do some good old Freedom Force adventuring in Patriot City Tales, working with the extremely talented Previsionary and a fresh new face in modding, John Jr., as well.  That has been a lot of fun, but it is a side project and not something to which I would keep returning.  There are more than a few ideas that I’ve toyed with doing when I have time to devote to them, and I thought I’d take some time and my newly created platform to talk about them.  I suppose I’ll post one of these mod ideas a day for a little while, and we’ll see if there is any particular response.


I always loved the Thundercats, as any good child of the 80’s should.  They were a great cast of characters, in a really imaginative setting, and they had a very colorful rogue’s gallery.  It’s the rogue’s gallery, more than anything else that has kept me from putting a project about this setting together.  I feel like the characters would lend themselves pretty well to realization via Freedom Force, and the Cats themselves have mostly been created already.  Their villains, however, are largely absent, and that is a shame.

My basic idea, as far as storyline goes, would be to follow the general arc of the cartoons.  We’d join the Cats right after they crash-landed on Third Earth, and face off against first the Mutants, and then Mum-Ra!  If art resources weren’t an issue, it would be fun to defend the Ro-Bear Berbils village (bizarre little mechanical furballs though they may be), face off against Grune the Destroyer (in all of his snaggle-toothed glory), and maybe even take on the Lunataks and Captain Hammerhand’s crew.  I think it would be a lot of fun to hear the cry of “Thundercats Ho!” ring out in Freedom Force!

3 comments on “Projects in the Ether

  1. kkhohoho says:

    Well, maybe. I didn’t watch the show, so I wouldn’t know, but perhaps if you did this, it would enlighten me. Still, let’s wait’s for your other ideas. ^_^

  2. kkhohoho says:

    Will do. ^_^

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