Back to the Ether (and Projects From)

I’m going to try to alternate between EZScript focused posts and my Projects From the Ether series in the coming week, and I’m also going to try and stay daily, for those of you who are kind enough to be checking on my poor efforts each day.

The Crusaders:

I know you’re looking at this image here and thinking to yourself, “hasn’t someone else already started Liberty Inc??”  Well, that, or “what the heck is Liberty Inc?”  To answer both your questions, yes, an extremely talented group of people, headed by Catwhowalksbyhimself and Gremlin made an excellent adventure set in the same universe as Freedom Force, named Liberty Inc.  I’m certainly not going to try to fill their shoes, and I also hope that we’ll see Episode 2 of LI someday soon!  What is my interest then, and precisely what is this idea?  Well, I was one of the people who helped dream up the characters, setting, and story arcs that became LI, and in so doing, I created a handful of character concepts that I really loved.  I got a huge thrill out of playing with them in the mod, realized in 3D splendor, and having voicepacks, to boot!  However, I couldn’t get enough, so I even weaseled them into Patriot City Tales where you visit Liberty Bay, and adventure with The Rogue, Doc Astounding (not one of mine, but a great character nonetheless), and Ulysses.  You see, The Rogue is my favorite creation, and he’s become a favorite character of mine, so much so that I even have created him in Champions Online, where he serves as my main avatar.

That’s what started this particular idea.  I wanted to tell more stories with The Rogue, but I really wanted a supporting cast to accompany him.  I didn’t simply want to steal the Liberty Inc. characters that I had contributed, but wanted to expand the world with a few new creations.  CO’s excellent character creator gave me (a not terribly visually creative person) the ability to build fully realized characters, so in short order I had a new cast that I would love to tell stories about.  Being the Aquaman fan that I am, I of course made an aquatic hero, named Mermidon (after the Myrmidons, Achilles’ warriors), and having always loved the winged heroes like Angel and Hawkman, I created a flying character as well, named Air Ace.

I’ve day-dreamed about writing an adventure for these guys, but have never gotten around to really fleshing it out, largely because of the fact that to do what I’d want would require at least two skins and meshes, and likely more if I were going to incorporate the villains that I had dreamed up as well.  My basic idea involved The Rogue and, perhaps, Ulysses taking a leave of absence from Liberty Inc., and going to explore America.  The Rogue, being British, and Ulysses being time tossed, are out to discover what this land is like.  During their travels they would run into a few other characters who had superpowers NOT derived from Energy X.  They’d meet Air Ace first, and eventually run into Myrmidon, who would be fleeing from an undersea monster who would precipitate the big threat our heroes would face.  The Freedom Force world would face a threat…from the deeps!

I hope to one day have the time and resources to take this on.  Although it would be a small project, it simply requires a bit more effort that I have in me at the moment.

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