In the Ether

TMNT Roleplaying Setting:

Okay, now he’s really reaching!  He’s already talked about the Ninja Turtles!  Right?  Well, while I’m working on other, unfortunately school related, things at the moment, I thought it would be worth putting together a post that has actually been on my mind a bit the last week.  Yes, I’ve already talked about the Ninja Turtles, but it isn’t the Turtles themselves that inspired this idea, but the world that they live in, most specifically, the well realized and exciting setting for the RPG system developed by Palladium Books in 1985.  I happened across the original source book for this system, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: and Other Strangeness, last year.  It’s based strongly on the original comic, rather than the original ‘toon, and it keeps the somewhat dark and gritty sensibilities of that book.  All I can say is that it is a good thing I never discovered that such a thing existed when I was a kid, as my childhood was painfully, and I do mean painfully, nerdy enough as it was.  Suffice to say that I found the “Other Strangeness” part of this book to be a really interesting world, complete with its own cast of built in characters that were sometimes creepy, often somewhat tragic, and always compelling enough to me that I would love to tell a story about them.  Plus, what Ninja Turtles fan never thought about creating their own mutant character to join in their adventures?  The rules provided for doing just that were pretty neat on their own, and while I was trying to put together the game on the boards, I created a handful of my own mutated avians, mammals, and reptiles, all ready and able to dish out freakish justice.  Sadly, that campaign never materialized because of real life concerns, but after my previous post about bringing the Turtles to Freedom Force, I started thinking about those RPG ideas of mine that were sitting around and gathering dust.

If I were to attempt to bring this setting to FF, I don’t think a regular campaign would do the trick.  After all, part of the major fun of the RPG system was creating your own mutant.  Instead, I’d love to flesh out a world with a free-roam adventure.  You’d have some of  the standard thug-bashing in the city, but an overarching story line and lots of side quests that would sometimes have multiple ways of being solved or discovered.  While that would be a nightmarishly complex and intricate selection of EZScripting, it is obviously do-able.  The real problem lies in the lack of any really useable art assets for a setting like this.  I did track down a bunch of anthropomorphic animal meshes someone had done, but they’d all need some major skoping and skinning attention to be viable as kung-fu using or gun-toting mutants.  This is definitely one of those ideas I’d only pursue if I happened to have plenty of time and unlimited resources.  Having a good selection of skopes and skins for players to chose from in creating their characters would be vital, and that need would exponentially increase the workload in those areas.  Well, hopefully I can put together an actual group to play a simple tabletop campaign in this setting one day, as this is one idea I doubt I’ll ever have time for.

4 comments on “In the Ether

  1. kkhohoho says:

    TMNT RPG…How I remember creating that big anthropomorphic porcupine. Ah well.

    I think that this would be a good idea. Just woke up, so too groggy to comment as to why. Just know that this is a good idea. ^_^

    • Benton Grey says:

      Glad you think so, Kk. Yeah, it’s a real shame that the campaign never came together. Maybe we can give it another try sometime next year, after I’ve finished revising my thesis and only have teaching to worry about.

  2. stalinsalive says:

    Has anyone made the turtles for ffvsttr?Where can be found?

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