Mice and Men

The best laid plans, you know?  I’m still waiting on some permissions, and I’m leaving town tomorrow, so the thing that I had planned will have to wait a week.  I’ll be back with….something next week!  (I should stress, it’s something small)

2 comments on “Mice and Men

  1. kkhohoho says:

    Wonder what it could be, though at this point, I’m guessing that it’s an EZscript mod designed to truly show what can be done with it.

  2. Benton Grey says:

    Ha, nope, I’m too burnt out for something really fancy. Anything y’all get will be fairly low-rent, complexity-wise. The DCUG and PCT both have some more complex stuff, but as complexity increases so does the chance for error. I can do pretty clever stuff these days with little effort, but when I get fancy, it comes back to bite me!

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