Return of the Son of the Ether

Project Superpowers:

Some months back I walked into my local comic book store and asked them if they had any new independent books that I might like.  After talking for a few minutes with the proprietor, who is always the model of a good shopkeeper, he suggested Project Superpowers.  He said that Jim Kreuger and Alex Ross, two of my favorite creators, were behind the series, and that it was free of much of what I detested in mainstream books.  I liked the idea of a whole world of new heroes, heroes without sixty or seventy years of bad continuity, so I picked it up.  While the book was a slow start, it eventually grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  I found myself really liking these new characters, and the overarching story was definitely interesting.  I especially love the Black Terror.  This guy is dangerously insane, but in a strangely heroic way.  You just can’t beat that.  I love the way this book plays with themes of patriotism and h0nor.  Captain America would be proud of the way they refuse to accept simple answers to hard questions, but at the same time never lose sight of what true heroism is….sacrifice.

Then, lo and behold, it turned out I wasn’t the only one who had taken notice of this excellent book.  A talented skinner on FR, Sioux City Dynamo, started putting out some excellent versions of the Project Superpowers characters.  I’ve been eagerly watching as he fills out the roster, because I would love to give this story a try in FF one day.  These characters and this setting just lend themselves so well to this, greatest of superhero games, that it seems like a perfect match.  I think that it would be great fun to try and design a more traditional campaign for these guys than I did in the DCUG, in which the characters actually level up, and I pay some attention to prestige cost and such.  I got a bit of a taste of that in PCT, but I wouldn’t mind a more expansive shot at it.  I would attempt to just translate their story to FF, since it would fit so well.  Hopefully I’ll be able to find some time to do this one day.

4 comments on “Return of the Son of the Ether

  1. kkhohoho says:

    This is one you should definitively look into someday. Not only does it fit FF real well, but…you see, I personally felt that while Project Superpowers was good, it was also rushed. So many characters were introduced in 6 issues, each of which (the issues) having the average amount of story present n the average sole comic book today, which isn’t a whole lot. So, not only were the characters not as developed as well as they could have been, (and they keep adding more…) but there could have been more to the story. In FF, you could spruce up the story, further developing the characters that didn’t get much spotlight, as well as showing more of some events that were only touched upon in the original work. But then again, maybe you think Superpowers

  2. kkhohoho says:

    (continuing on…)

    maybe you think Superpowers is just fine as is.

  3. Benton Grey says:

    I know what you mean, Kk. I think that it helps to read the continuing second volume. Also, I suppose I have a habbit of seeing the potential of a character, even if he is somewhat mishandled….*cough*Aquaman*cough* Many of the characters in this series have great potential, and l definitely think it would be fun to try and expand on that.

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