Return of the Son of the Ether Part II

Gotham Knights:

DC?  Is he serious?  Hasn’t he had a bellyful of DC thanks to that monster, the DCUG?  Well, yes, I pretty much have, but there is one thing that I’ve wanted to do for a very, very long time.  I’ve simply never had the chance or the time.  Years ago Dr. Mike completely changed the face of Freedom Force by introducing freeroam capability into what was a completely linear game.  It really seemed like there wasn’t anything that this game couldn’t do…at least in the hands of our resident coding guru.  With Patriot City, many of us hoped that we’d soon see a number of emergent mods take advantage of the amazing possibilities this new option presented, but it never really seemed to catch on.  Several of us had ideas for freeroam mods, but nothing ever came of them.  I was certainly one of those who dreamed but never acted on the concepts of that wishful thinking.  As a matter of fact, before the DCUG had really begun to take shape, I toyed with the possibility of putting together a Gotham City mod.  It seemed like the perfect concept, the Batman game I’ve always wanted was one in which he was free to roam around his city, cracking the skulls of wrong doers, driving the Batmobile or flying the Batwing.  However, the DCUG took over, and the years passed.  I’ve been thinking more about it lately, and although I’m not likely to return to the DCU anytime soon after I finish my magnum opus, I may get to it one day.

It would give me a chance to tell a wide variety of stories and not have to worry too much about creating a carefully crafted overarching narrative, as the players would be filling in many of the blanks themselves.  I would base it, of course, on that best of all possible bat-worlds, Batman: The Animated Series.  If I could swing it, I would include both Bats and Robin as your playable characters, and allow you to recruite Batgirl and Catwoman eventually.  You’d also be able to team up with a few DC heroes, just as Dr. Mike’s sample campaign allowed you to team up with Freedom Forcers.  The real fun part would be the chance to use the simple choice plugin for EZScript to create some actual detective work for the players.  You’d get a clue, maybe about the Joker’s next big crime, but you have to figure out where to go to find him.  Maybe you could ask the Batcomputer about unusual power usage in the town, or maybe you could just patrol in the Batmobile.  Killer Croc would haunt the sewers, Poison Ivy would lurk in the park, The Penguin would rule the docks, and you’d never know where or when the Joker might pop up!  This would also give me a chance to create some DC characters in the same vein, level-able, that I’ve been working lately.  That would be a lot of fun, methinks.

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