PCT Episode 3 is Here!

That’s right, Patriot City Tales has finally been updated with what may or may not turn out to be its penultimate episode.  This is what has been consuming a good deal of my time lately, and I actually put my other projects on hold to finish this up. We’ve got a huge amount of adventure awaiting you in this package, and things are really starting to heat up!  Here you’ll face missions with some of your favorite Freedom Forcers, including The Ant, Law and Order, Microwave, Mentor, and more!  Plus, John Jr. continue the adventures of the junior Freedom Forcers, and he introduces us to a few new faces as well.

Download PCTales Episode 3 now and see:

1) Order and Law trying to save Order’s former partner, and making an unsettling discovery about the police force…and about themselves!  Join two of the most mysterious Forcers in the beginnings of a saga that will bring a bit more of their story and their strange nature to light!

Just what does this cop have to hide?

Play as Order!

And Law, who is now actually useful!


I think Order’s got these three outnumbered…

2) The Red Moon saga concludes, and we discover who she is and why she hates Freedom Force!

3) Mentor and Microwave answer a call to a PC park and discover something that shouldn’t exist! Take the first step on an adventure that is sure to take you to places you never expected!

A trio of Freedom Forcers against time run amock…again!?

Cease any and all eating of citizens!

I’d be running too if I were him…Life must be pretty Hellish for your average citizen of Patriot City, never knowing when you’ll be transformed into a creature of myth or become a snack for a carnivore from the Jurassic….

Past meet future!

You may actually find Mentor useful now, amazingly enough.

4) The Ant leads a team to rescue FF’s erstwhile leader from the clutches of Deja Vu and face a diabolical dungeon of terror! The mysterious connection between Deja Vu and Shadow continues to deepen. Just what are these two up to?

Face Shadow’s ugly, subterranean hordes!

Battle Murderous clones!

Rescue Minute Man and his “lady friend.”

And free the capture members of Liberty Inc, all before a dramatic confrontation with Deja Vu!

5) The Ant and Alchemiss answer what seems to be a fairly routine call from PC police, but along the way they make some mysterious new friends…and enemies! John Jr. begins a very interesting story, introducing all loyal Fans of Freedom to a new character who is sure to be the next big thing!

6) Overwhelmed by recent events and the responsibilities they have thrust upon him, The Ant visits his favorite place to unwind….the Patriot City Museum! However, it seems that a hero can’t go anywhere without running into a crime…and another mysterious new friend!

2 comments on “PCT Episode 3 is Here!

  1. chotle says:

    Why episode 3 buggier than the first 2 mods? Pink objects all over the place in 1 mission. Disapponted.

  2. Benton Grey says:

    Hi Chotle, yeah, this was my first attempt to convert a map from FF1 to FF2 by myself. I had previously had someone help me with it, and the results of my attempts at self-sufficiency were appropriately problematic, as you’ve noted. However, I’ve already fixed all of those issues, and you can get the fixes here:


    If you notice any other bugs, please let me know! How did you like the episode, aside from the bugs?

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