The DCUG is….Updated!

Thanks to the good people at Freedom Reborn, I was able to identify a number of bugs with both the Batman and Mystery in Space campaigns, and I have put together a patch to take care of them.  In addition to that, I’ve also replaced the missing Fire and Ice meshes.  This patch fixes:

  • Issues with the doctor standing and dying in the second Batman mission
  • The base CS not playing properly before the second Batman mission
  • The first Hawkman mission not advancing properly
  • Lack of objectives in the Batman campaign
  • Missing Fire and Ice meshes
  • Proper portrait for the Atom
  • Replaced missing Turret mesh
  • Fixed a bunch of missing resource entries
  • Some minor balance issues

You can get it here.

Turtle Power!

That’s right, one of the other side projects of mine is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mini-mod!  I’ve been wanting to do a Turtles mod for a good while, as I mentioned in one of my earlier “Ether” posts, and I have had this sitting on my hardrive for a while now, waiting on just a few little things to be finished.  If you are a child of the 80’s, then you almost certainly have a deep and abiding love of the Turtles.  Take a walk down memory lane, and see if you can keep from smiling when you load this mod and hear a familiar song on the main menu.  Take some time to remember why you loved the Turtles way back when, and why you should definitely still love them now.  Join them as they begin their adventures and face the deadly might of the once honorable Foot Clan!

Check out more screenshots!

Download the TMNT mod now!

Unfortunately, I don’t exaggerate when I say “mini,” as this is only a one mission adventure, but it is set to be the beginning of something a good deal larger, with the Turtles fully built-in and prepped for leveling.  I’m actually rather proud of the job I did creating these four in FF, and I am really happy with their builds.  Why then is it only one mission?  Unlike some of my other projects, it actually has nothing to do with my burnt-out state of mind.  Instead, it is all about a lack of resources!

You see, I’ve decided to engage in a little bit of friendly blackmailing!  I know how incredibly talented the FF community is, and if any among them decide to turn their talents to the Turtles, giving me the tools I need to continue telling their stories, then continue I will, but I’m pretty limited in what I can do without more art assets.  I’ll be posting a wish-list on Freedom Reborn, so be sure to take a look and see if there are any characters you’d like to bring to Freedom Force!

Playing Project Superpowers

What’s this!?  Could it be that some of that “In the Ether” talk was more than just empty fantasy?  Well, probably not, but I did manage to bang out this mini-mod thanks to the incredible skins and skopes of Sioux-City Dynamo!  This small-ish, three mission  adventure covers about half of the first volume of Project Superpowers, and it is all set for continuation, which it should certainly receive one of these days.  Much of the dialog is drawn straight from the pages of the books themselves, and many of these reinvisioned heroes show up in Freedom Force fully realized.  This is now my second mod that allows for leveling up and the like, although there isn’t much that can be done with that at the moment.  The conclusion of this first volume’s stories should see a bit more utilization of those features, whenever I get around to writing it.  There is certainly a lot of adventure awaiting you, however, as you get the chance to play as the Black Terror, the Green Lama, the Fighting Yank, the Death-Defying Devil, Samson, and the Scarab, as you begin the search for heroism in an unheroic age!

The truth is that this was meant to be one of a trio of small projects that I would release all at once, but testing and bug-correction on the other two have been slower than I’d hoped.  Thus, I thought I’d release this mini-mod since it was just hanging around gathering dust.  It hasn’t been tested as well as I’d like, so bugginess is a real possibility.  Please contact me here or on Freedom Reborn if you have any trouble.  So…one of these “In the Ether” things turned out to be more than it seemed…could there be more where this came from?  Perhaps….stay tuned!

Download the Project Superpowers mod!

And here’s a small update that fixes a few minor things.