More Ninja Turtle Action!

Howdy everyone, it has been quite a long time since I updated the blog here.  I imagine many of you thought that I had given up on my modding pursuits.  Such is not the case!  I have been quite busy this summer, and for most of my projects I have also been waiting for the incredibly talented artists at Freedom Reborn to complete this or that piece of the puzzle.  However, I finally have everything I need for the second episode of the TMNT mod.

Continue the search for April, but you had better be wary, who knows what you can expect to find when you finally discover what the mysterious Shredder has done with your charming new friend.  The mystery deepens…if you are strong enough to survive what awaits!

Uploaded with

You can find more pictures here!

You’ll find a full download of the mod here.

If you downloaded the mod before 8:00 on 7/11/10, you’ll need these two patches.

You’ll need to play through the first level again if you have already tried the first release, as I’ve improved things a good bit and added a base transition that will allow you to level your characters up.