Better Wheels than Heels

I’ve talked about the Ninja Turtles characters that I’d like to see realized in Freedom Force, but the characters themselves were only part of what created the Turtlemania craze that shaped (twisted?) so many young lives.  In fact, the Playmates toy line and the cartoon itself introduced a number of vehicles that were every bit as wacky and unique as the cast itself, thereby ensuring that they would make an unholy profit from the kids of the 80’s, but also creating a world of even greater depth and color.

I’ve discussed in a few different places how much I’d like to bring some of the Turtles vehicles flying, driving, or floating onto the computer screen in my mod, and today begins another countdown of my top five vehicles.  They’d all have some roll to play in my Turtles campaign, and although their integration would provide a number of challenges, they would certainly make the game itself more inclusive and exciting.

5) The Foot Knucklehead: This giant mechanical spider has boxing gloves on the ends of its metal appendages….for some reason.  I don’t know why, but the simplicity of this design and the way it so totally captures the feel of the Foot clan appeals to me.  It showed up in the cartoon, the comics, and the Playmates toy line.  I think it would be a rather nice way to up the Foot’s firepower, while still sticking to the slightly goofy nature of the Turtles’ world.  Likelihood: Fair. There exists a mechanical spider mesh, and even a skope of someone sitting on its back.  If someone is willing to slap a Foot Soldier on there and skin it, we’re in business.

4) Cudley the Cowlick: Remember the disembodied, time and space transcending cow head that I mentioned the other day?  Well, believe it or not (and really, when we’re talking about marketing the Ninja Turtles, what ISN’T believable), he was once planned as a vehicle/playset for a proposed Mutanimals spin-off.  I suppose it’s just a love of the divine wackiness that pervaded the original cartoon and plenty of the Archie run, but aside from my nostalgic soft-spot for this character/conveyance, he would just be so…unique for a video game incarnation of the Turtles.  No other game that I know of includes giant, space-worthy bovine brain buckets.  Likelihood: Almost Impossible. Not only can I not really imagine anyone wanting to do this one, I’m not even sure HOW it could be done without a custom mesh…and let’s face it, that ain’t happening.

2 comments on “Better Wheels than Heels

  1. Adam Winters says:

    Boy, you really are keeping us in suspense regarding the top 3!

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