Marvel Adventures: The Squadron Supreme


In honor of the Fire and Water Podcast‘s coverage of the Squadron Supreme, I thought I’d post a little promo for my Marvel Adventures update.  That’s right, those awesome analogs that actually managed to outgrow their referential origins are included in the update that I’m working on!  They feature in an Avengers mission, and the whole roster is available to play in the sandbox mode!  To show off the Squadron in all their glory, I threw them into a Rumble Room session against the Avengers.  Enjoy the show!



But the Avengers are ready for them.



A chaotic melee quickly develops



Man, the Swordsman just can’t catch a break, can he?



Cap, I love ya’, but I think you might be out classed…



Iron Man surveys the field



Uh-oh, I think the God of Thunder might be in trouble!

Eventually the Squadron pulled off a victory, as they just packed more power than this Avengers team.  I should have added Hercules into the mix to provide the mighty Marvelites a better chance.  Well, I hope you enjoyed this little preview, and stay tuned for more Into the Bronze Age, as well as more news and releases for Freedom Force mods!



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