Where There’s Life, There’s Hope


As John Carter of Mars would always say, “where there’s life, there’s hope!” – and that’s a mantra I am repeating to myself often these days!  Howdy folks!  I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, nor have I given up on either my blog or my mods, so don’t worry.  This isn’t a post announcing me closing shop or anything.  However, I am in the final stretch of my PhD program and am banging away night and day on a black hole of a dissertation that threatens to consume me.  I’m afraid that I’ve had to put pretty much every other part of my life on hold, including my hobbies, in order to try to get this thing finished in time to graduate. Thank you all for your patience!  I hope to be able to get back to posting and modding sometime this summer.  If any of y’all are folks who pray, I certainly wouldn’t mind some prayers as I race for the finish line!

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2 comments on “Where There’s Life, There’s Hope

  1. go get yo PhD, Tiger

  2. M.P. says:

    I’m sending my positive mental energy your way, pal. I dunno what the time difference is, so it might not get there for a couple hours.
    Sometimes a fella’s gotta take care of priorities, but I know, like the Haunted Tank, the Grey Lands will soon be charging forth.

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