Hello internet travelers, and welcome to The Greylands.  I’ll be using this blog to serve as a place to introduce and show off my modding projects for the greatest superhero game of all time, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich.  I may also occasionally use it to share a thought with the great wasteland that is the internet.  Enjoy your stay!

14 comments on “About

  1. Yellow Lantern says:

    I’m stuck at work and can’t find your email. I can’t remember if EZ Script Cutscene Encounters use the Alert Cutscene or skip right to Start Cutscene.

  2. Spuzzwick says:

    Hey man trying to get your Pulp Adventures mod to work. Email me? Or pm me on Steam? (username’s the same)


  3. VentWilsn says:

    Mr.Grey, can you help me fix an error in the mod:Freedom Force Classic? I cant get Alchel-Miss to interact with a portal in Prehistoric Panic


    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy VentWilsn, I’m afraid that isn’t my mod, so I’m not entirely sure how to help you. My guess is that the portal object is missing a bounding box. I seem to remember hearing something similar about that mod. I’d suggest posting on Freedom Reborn. Also, do you have the latest version of the mod?

      • VentWilsn says:

        Sorry for taking so long, thought wordpress woulda notify me when i got a response. Wouldnt be surprised if ur guess is the right answer. Also I’ve tried signing up for Freedom Reborn since two weeks ago and I still havent got my activation email yet.

        I do own the latest version of the mod (version 7)

      • Benton Grey says:

        VetWilsn, what is your FR username / email? I can let the administrators know you’re having issues. Make sure to put a space before and after the @ in your email address when you write it so bots don’t grab it.

  4. VentWilsn says:

    my FR is VentWilsn / jasonclyne3 @ hotmail.com

  5. Benton Grey says:

    Silly question, but I assume you checked your spam filter?

  6. Benton Grey says:

    Darn! No, this is a new situation. The site was down for a while a few months ago, and we had to move to a new host, as our previous one wasn’t taking care of us. So, it looks like something was messed up in the transfer. I’ll let them know that it still isn’t fixed.

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