EZScript Script-Off!

For those of you who don’t know, a while back we held the very first annual EZScript Script-Off.  We had only two entrants, but they were both utterly fantastic.  The basic idea was that the entrants had to create a single EZScript mission using only built in characters and existing resources.  They were each allowed to use whatever custom characters they wanted, and I received two very different, but nonetheless very entertaining, missions.  Part of the contest was that I would host the winner’s mission here on my blog.

Well…it’s been a little more than the promised week since the first annual EZScript Script-Off.  I’m afraid I got distracted with the thousand and one things that have occupied me since, and my promise to provide a page on my blog for the winner was kind of forgotten.  By “kind of,” read “completely.”  Still, I always knew I’d get to it eventually, and I suppose that this still qualifies as “eventually.”

So, without further ado, I present the winner of our very first Script-Off: Yellow Lantern!

His entry was a great World War II romp in which The Blitz, a hero with whom I am not very well acquainted, ran up against the hordes of the Third Reich!  Whether I’m familiar with the fellow or not, he is definitely fun to play.  So, do yourself a favor and check out a wonderful example of the power of EZScript!

Download Reich Around the Clock Now!

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