Tutorial #6: Animated Textures

[Originaly Posted by White Knight]

n these instructions I’ll be hypothetically changing male_basic into male_basic_animated.
Before making changes to any Nif, be sure to make a backup.

1. prepare tgas (for example male_basic01.tga, male_basic02.tga, etc.).

2. open character.nif in NifSkope.

3. locate the Nitexturingproperty for the object to receive the animated textures.

4. right click on Nitexturingproperty, then Block, then left click on insert, then F >, then left click on NiFlipController.
(NiFlipController will probably appear on the bottom line, that’s okay for now. Note it’s ID number, we’ll need it for the next step)

5. in the Block Details for Nitexturingproperty change the value for Controller to the ID number of the NiFlipController.
(NiFlipController should jump up in the hierarchy to appear in the Nitexturingproperty branch)

6. change the Flags for the NiFlipController to active and cycle.

7. locate the main NiSourceTexture for the mesh (in this example it would be labeled male_basic.tga) change the name to the first texture of the animation (male_basic01.tga).
copy this NiSourceTexture and paste it underneath NiFlipController.

8. right click on NiFlipController, then Block, then left click on insert, then S >, then left click on NiSourceTexture.
the line that appears should be renamed to next texture in the animation sequence(male_basic02.tga).
repeat as may times as needed.

9. in the Block Details for NiFlipController;
for Frequency I’ve used a value of 1.
Start Time=0.
End Time doesn’t seem to matter I’ve used from 0.1 to 1.
Target should be the ID number for the Nitexturingproperty we’ve been dealing with
Delta is the time between texture changes start with 0.5 and adjust accordingly. The higher the number the slower the animation.
Number of Sources is the number of tgas in the animation.
right click on Sources, then Array, then left click on Update. A number of additional Sources lines will now be available.
change the values of the Sources lines to match the ID numbers of your NiSourceTexture lines.

10. Save

Limitations still apply, objects with animated textures will only use skins from the standard folder.