Quick and Easy Logos

The following is a simple tutorial for making logos:

Copied from various FF forums:
Step 1:
You’ve got you skin. Maybe it’s a base you recoloured. Maybe you made it yourself (but then you probably wouldn’t need this tutorial). I think I used a colour layer and a 50% multiply here, but whatever.

Step 2: Make another layer. Choose the lightest colour, and make it even lighter. Airbrush it on, smudge it, blur it, erase it. Do what you got to do to make it look right to you. Just go crazy.

Step 3:
Now when you’ve done your base, it’s time to get work on the actual logo. I make my shape… Well, half of it. How do I know it’s half? Well that’s what the map’s for. See that white line? That’s half. I make the shape over that line, and then trim it up. There, that’s fine.

Step 4:
Alright, so I filled that with a solid, then I copied the layer, and flipped it. Now, when I said that was the centre, I don’t consider it the “middle.” Therefore I don’t actually overlap the middle. Personally, I just find it works better on the torso. The face line, however, I do consider the middle, and so would overlap that one pixel.
Anyhow, that’s why the top point is two pixels wide, see? Alright, good.
(To be honest, you don’t even have to flip it just yet, but I prefer to.

Step 5:
So now it’s time to add some shading. You can fill this in however, that’s up to you. I find this way works pretty well, but it’s not right for everything.
Usually I’ll copy the solid colour, do the shading, then cut it in half and duplicate/flip that so it’s even. Too much work? Maybe, but that’s the way I roll.

Step 6:
So take Photoshop’s line tool. That’s the one that defaults as a rectangle. Switch it to line, and make sure it’s 1 pixel wide. Hey, don’t laugh… I didn’t know this for the longest time. Alright, so what we want to do is figure out where the light’s going to hit it. I assume the light comes from above, so all the top parts get a light line.
All the bottom parts get a dark line.
I only do it for half, and then duplicate and flip again. I duplicate and flip a lot.
Now the dark line can either be the darkest shade on your logo, or a bit darker. The light line can be the lightest or a bit lighter. Use your own judgement.

Step 7:
Oh… wait. That’s pretty much it. I’ve begun adding a subtle reflect to my logos. It just makes them stand out a bit more. You can add a bit of shadow too, if you want. Give it a little bit of a raised look. If I’m lazy I won’t even bother doing it myself, and will just user the dropshadow layer filter.
Hmm.. Actually, I think I’ll go back and lighten the upper lines a bit.
Another thing… make sure you check the character tool a lot. I didn’t really do that when making this, but usually I do. It’s there to help you.