Marvel Adventures Mod


Welcome to Adventure in the Marvel Universe!   This is a gigantic mod that encompasses large swaths of the Marvel comics universe.  It attempts to capture the classic feel of a large assortment of characters with new stories set during the heyday of such icons as Captain America, Thor, the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four, as well as a bevy of villains and guest stars.

This mod gives you control over some of your favorite superheroes and lets you fight for justice in four-color glory!  Included you will find a total of seven campaigns for a wide variety of characters and teams.  You can face the villainous Hellfire Club as the X-Men, defend the Earth from cosmic aggression as the Avengers, or struggle to save all of the nine realms as Thor and his allies.

The mod has also received a massive update, Vol. 2, which adds in a ton of new characters and several new and expanded campaigns!  Most everyone who didn’t make the cut for the first release got added in for this one, so you will find the likes of the Hulk, Spider-Man, Galactus, and much, much more!

The latest update was created by Jimaras8, who took over working on the mod while I moved on to other projects.  It adds in a host of new characters, many drawn from the modern era.  That mighty Marvelite has worked tirelessly to add his own contributions to this incarnation of the Marvel Universe, and you can enjoy the plentiful fruits of his labors and encounter all kinds of new characters.


Screenshot (48).png

Screenshot (60).png

Check out the Marvel Adventures album HERE!


The final total for the mod is somewhere around THREE HUNDRED characters!

So, what are you waiting for? Join the fight!

Download Marvel Adventures now!

Delete any previous versions of the mod and run the installer.  Be sure to point it towards your FFvTTR directory.  The default path is based on a Steam install, so be sure to change it if you have a different version of the game!

The installer includes a number of .exes that allow you to launch the individual campaigns without having to do any file editing!  Please see the known issues about them, though.

Download Textures Patch:

This is a minor patch that fixes issues with some missing textures. There’s a map that should display correctly now, and all FFX items, like the utility belt, cages, icewalls, etc., should now display correctly on all maps.

If you downloaded the mod before 9/23/18, just download the patch and drop it into your FFvTTR directory, overwriting your MA folder. That’s it!

Marvel Adventures

This mod is akin to my massive DC Universe According to Grey, though on a much smaller scale.  I have not tried to capture the entire width and breadth of the Marvel Universe, just my favorite corners thereof.  You’ll still find a very large mod here, with most of the classic heroes and many of the classic villains of the Marvel Universe.  On the other hand, this mod embraces a similar design philosophy to the DCUG, not trying to completely capture any interpretation of the Marvel U., instead trying to create an idealized version, something of the best of all worlds, in my opinion.  It is most closely based on the Bronze Age, but I took liberties to clean up continuity or for the sake of the story I wanted to tell.

Keep in mind, not all of the campaigns tell complete stories, and all of these are intended to be expanded and continued.  In the future perhaps I’ll add more, but the mod is also designed to give you everything you need to tell your own stories too!


Simply run the installer and point it to the proper directory, where FFvTTR is installed.  The default data path points to the Steam installation of the game, so you’ll need to change it if you have it installed in a different location.  This is the default directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich\MA

Note the “MA” at the end.  That is the mod folder.  Don’t forget to add that if you change the directory!  Do NOT install the mod directly into your FF directory, as it won’t work and it will likely mess up your game installation.

Version 2.4 Release Notes:

  • Added several characters
  • Fixed several graphical glitches
  • Tweaked and updated FX
  • Fixed balance and AI issues
  • Included save files for each campaign to allow players to skip around and so they don’t have to play back through everything to see the fixes

Known Issues:

  • Some anti-virus programs will find false positives on the .exes of this mod. These are nothing but batch files I compiled myself, but because they copy and replace the campaign files in the background in order to switch campaigns out, AV programs tend to freak out about them. If this makes you uncomfortable, feel free to use the included shortcut instead and switch the campaigns manually as outlined below.
  • Saves during missions will load, but the mission will not work properly once loaded. This is the nature of EZScript, and I’m afraid I can’t do anything about it.
  • You won’t see balance and other fixes unless you start new campaigns. That’s just the nature of FF’s saves; they carry a snapshot of everything, so no changes will show up in old campaigns unless you restart them. That’s one of the reasons I’m including saves.
  • If you’ve got certain video card and driver combinations, certain characters, like Iron Man, may have helmets/hats/hair that bob up and down on their heads when you have full video settings. Just turn off character shadows and that will stop.
  • The game suffers rare CTDs in Windows 8 and 10. I have no idea what’s causing these, and they are likely just a result of the game not playing entirely nicely with new versions of Windows.  The crashes aren’t reliably recreatable, so I don’t have much information. They don’t seem to harm anything, but be aware and don’t panic if it happens.
  • The dreaded pink texture issue seems to have reared its head again. This is when part or all of a character’s textures show up bright pink. It is apparently being caused by the number of similar meshes/skins that the mod contains. With the help of Cyber Burn, I’ve fixed some of the biggest offenders, but this may still occur. Restarting the game or your computer tends to help for a time. Extended play sessions tend to be the culprit. This should be much less common now, however.
  • The last mission in the Iron Man campaign is bugged and won’t end properly. I can’t figure out the issue, but as it is the last mission, you can still play the entire campaign.


This is not your average mod. It has a total of 10 campaigns, 7 full length and 3 mini-campaigns (which might get expanded in the future)! Playing them used to be a bit complicated, but thanks to Abenavides, it’s now just a matter of clicking on the appropriately named .exe included in the mod folder. Each of these launches the game with the appropriate campaign loaded. The rest of the game is the same, so you can play in the RR with the full cast of characters with any and all of the game modes. This just changes the campaign missions available to you.

If for some reason the .exes don’t work for you, you can still access all of the campaigns manually.

Simply choose the campaign you want out of the ‘Campaigns’ folder, copy it, rename the copy to campdef, and drop it in your main MA folder, rewriting the exiting one. Don’t forget to copy these, or you’ll lose campaigns!

56 comments on “Marvel Adventures Mod

  1. When i install Marvel Adventures i was playing and when a select charaters heroes i dont find spiderman just sandman but spiderman is my fan but can you fix it?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy Skerdiladjd, I’m glad you’ve given my little project a try. As far as Spider-Man goes, I’m afraid that his absence is intentional. I didn’t have a good story to tell with him, so I didn’t include him yet. He’ll show up when I return to do another set of campaigns. Spider-Man, Dr. Fate, Ghostrider, and several other characters are on my short-list for campaigns in the next volume, but Spider-Man is definitely going to get one!

  2. make a story when he stop sandman from the city

  3. if you don’t find mesh of spidey so here the link

    and the skins

    it so many skins you can find spiderman and hope you enjoy

  4. and plus i play freedom force in 2011

  5. Benton Grey says:

    I’ve got some vague ideas about a Green Goblin mission, but whatever I do it will feature all of his classic villains. The only part I’m sure about is that I definitely want to do a Kraven story.

  6. so you going to fix spiderman patch

  7. level of Marvel Adventures

    • Benton Grey says:

      Ha, like I said, it’s going to be a while. I’m going to release a whole new set of campaigns for Marvel Adventures eventually, and when I do it will have Spider-Man and a host of other characters. However, before I get to that I’ve got several other mod projects I’m working on. If you want to add Spidey on your own, you are absolutely welcome to do that. My mods are free to be modded further.;)

  8. thanks bro can we be friends 😀

    • Benton Grey says:

      Ha, sure. Have you visited the Freedom Reborn forums? I’ve got a poll up there about what folks want to see in the next installment of Marvel Adventures.

  9. ok what enemis i going fix to you

  10. like hobgoblin and other villians

  11. I Have Register freedom reborn! 😀

  12. My Name in the freedom reborn is Skerdilajd Shehi but copy my name and past it

  13. but im just smart to fix nif and skins not the mods

  14. Kevin Klawitter says:

    I tried to start the mod, but an error message came up saying:

    alert: CFastHeap::allocate failed, Out of main memory

    Did I do something wrong with the installation?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Hey Kevin, I’m sorry to hear that! From what I’ve read on the forums, that seems to come up when the game is eating up too much memory, and my big mods tend to be a bit memory heavy. What are your specs? Also, if you’re not a member of Freedom Reborn, I recommend you join the FF community. The folks there can help with troubleshooting and are a lot smarter than me! 😉

      • Kevin Klawitter says:

        I have 2 gigs of ram on my PC

        I’m a FR member, so I might ask for advice there, too

  15. Benton Grey says:

    Kevin, two gigs should be enough. That’s what I had until very recently. Hmm…please do post at FR, and we’ll see if the community can help us troubleshoot it.

  16. Tom says:

    Do you have patches 1-3 or any other patches for this available for download?

  17. Tom says:

    I was wondering about any patch links?

  18. Tom says:

    Hi Mr. Grey, how is the updated Marvel Adventures coming along? Anything I can help with?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy Tom! It has stalled at the moment, but I’m hoping I can get it finished before Christmas. All that remains to be done is to finish the string entries, but I just haven’t had the time.

  19. 80s Child says:

    One hell of a mod! I can’t wait to dive into it full force.

  20. I just had to say thank you for doing this amazing mod (and all the others)!!!

    • Benton Grey says:

      Well thanks Patric! I really appreciate the kind words, and I’m glad you are enjoying the mod! There will be an update with some bug fixes next week, if I can manage, so be sure to check back!

  21. AVG blocked MA_Guardiands of the Galaxy.exe and say it was infected with Win32:Malware-gen. The Firewall wanted to block the whole installation before.
    Any risk your installer have been hacked? Or was it a false positive?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Yeah, I’ve been seeing this a lot. The short version is I’m pretty sure that these are false positives. The launchers are batch files I created myself, nothing more than an icon and a simple command. The catch is, the command edits files in the background (copying and replacing your MA campaign files to switch between campaigns), and that tends to make anti-virus programs nervous. So, you should be fine to ignore it, but you can always copy and replace the campaigns by hand if you’re concerned about it.

  22. Lasse says:

    Hi Benton Grey,

    Ive installed your mod, but I seem to have a problem running any of the campaigns. The .exe files appear correctly inside my C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich folder, but they don’t really do anything. When opened, they each seem to just open a console window, which disappears after 0.5 seconds, and then nothing happens.

    Any idea how to fix this? I would so very much like to play your mod.

    I should say that Windows Defender identified all the .exe files as “Trojan” right after install, but I’m guessing those were false positives. Anyway, i flagged them as being safe, so there shouldn’t be any problem there (maybe).

    Kind regards

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy Lasse, and I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the mod! So, you’ve got FFvTTR installed via Steam at that directory, and yet the exes aren’t working? That’s bizarre. If they were flagged by WD as trojans, I wonder if it didn’t disable them somehow, despite your giving them a pass.

      First I would say, you could reinstall the mod and try to protect them again. If that doesn’t work, there should be a shortcut included with them, which should launch the mod with whatever campaign is default (I THINK Avengers in that release). Then you can always switch the campaigns by hand when you want to try a new one, by just copying the one you want from the “Campaigns” folder into the mod folder, and renaming it to replace “campedef.” So, at least the mod is entirely playable, even if it is less convenient.

      However, I’ve got a small but significant update coming soon, so don’t get too far into the campaigns!

      • Lasse says:

        Hi Benton,

        Thanks for the reply. I now realized my mistake. When choosing the directory for the mod to be installed in, I had simply picked C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich, and had not seen the “\MA” at the end. This meant that I had simply installed the mod directly into the FFv3R folder, which means that some of the paths and directories must have been placed wrongly. It also means that my vanilla FFv3R now works kind of funky, so I’m probably going to do a complete reinstall, with your mod installed after, in its own subfolder. Sorry, I’m new to using mods for this game, so I didn’t realize that mods were placed as separate subfolders. Anyway, thanks for your help, your reply was what lead me to realize my mistake.

        Also, looking forward to trying your updated version (:

      • Benton Grey says:

        Howdy again Lasse, and oh no! I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear enough. I should have included install directions up front. That has now been rectified. I have more good news, though, and that is that I’ve just released the update, a little later than promised, but here nonetheless.

  23. R. J. Moore II says:

    How the fuck do you destroy the Zodiac Stellar Cannon? I have KO’d every enemy on the map, covered every inch, and nothing does any damage to the ZSC.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy R. J., I’m sorry this has been frustrating for you! If you right click on the cannon when there are no enemies nearby, you should get a “sabotage” command which will destroy the cannon.

  24. R. J. Moore II says:

    And why is the Executioner invulnerable? I already knocked out he Enchantress and all the trolls and tried every combination of moves on this guy, nothing works. Is every goddamn level bugged?

    • Benton Grey says:

      As the objective says, you must destroy her artifact (the mask.) That will end his invulnerability.

      If you’d like some tips and guidance for the mod, feel free to visit, the game’s community home.

  25. […] Marvel Adventures Mod […]

  26. Dan says:

    I love the mod, but a question about a couple abilities. Weapon X doesn’t seem to work as Wolverine never heals. I tried equipping the separate abilities and then he did heal over time. Also, I tried equipping the fastball ability, but couldn’t find out how to throw him with Colossus.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy Dan, and thanks! Hmm, I’ll investigate the healing. I’m pretty sure it was working last I checked, but I’ll look into it. The Fastball ability, if equipped, should be accessed with a right click on W while C is selected. You should find a custom command to throw him. It’s possible we’ve got some script failures. Fortunately, there’s a small update due soon, so if I can sort that out, I’ll get a new version uploaded before too long. Thanks for letting me know, and thanks for the comment!

  27. Antoine says:

    Hi Benton! First Thanks for your awesome mod:) I noticed a few invisible characters in the latest version of the mod from July 9th 2021 : Dum Dum Dugan, Union Jack, Slowball, Hand archer and Mole man ( I may have missed some others). Thanks and keep up the good work 😉

  28. Antoine says:

    Hi again!I noticed a few other bugs:
    – The iron man and F4 .exe aren’t working ( “this program was made with an unlicensed compiler. Please buy the PRO version to distribute your EXE”)
    – In the Thor campaign, when you free Balder from Ulik, there are 2 Balder portraits appearing, one is working and the other is not…

    Thanks again 😉

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