DCUG Fixed!

Alright folks, the previous DCUG version was buggy, and the uploaded files were so big that it was tough to get an uncorrupted download.  I’ve finally gotten around to fixing that, and you’ll find a clean upload with smaller files below.  I’ve fixed lots of issues with the Mystery in Space and Batman campaigns.  They should both be working 100% now.  However, the JSA campaign remains unfinished.  I’ll return to it eventually, but not right now.  I’ve also updated just a few skins and meshes that I had been meaning to.  We’ve got a new Fire and Ice thanks to Billdamn, and we’ve also got Tomato’s excellent Two Face mesh, along with Styles great Mr. Freeze skope!  So, get ready to experience the DC Universe as you’ve never experienced it before!

Download the DCUG!

Whoops!  I forgot a keyframe file, you can find the patch for this omission here.

And another patch for a few minor issues.

Or, if you’ve downloaded the previous version, you can get this patch.

Something FF This Way Comes

Howdy folks, I just wanted to let y’all know that I’ll have a small update coming sometime this week.  There is something that people have been wanting for a little while that I’ve finally gotten up the energy to do, so keep your eyes open in the next few days!

The Creature from Beyond the Ether!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the internet!  Howdy folks, I’ve been thinking lately about a project that I’d like to do, and I thought that some of you (perhaps any of you crazy enough to enjoy my “Ether” series) might like to hear what I’m thinking about.  While The Real Ghostbusters was never as popular as say, Transfromers or He-Man, it was a fantastic show nonetheless.  I know that lots us who are children of the 80’s remember this show very fondly.  It was one of those rare shows that could walk the line quite well between goofy-for-kids entertainment, and the occasionally more serious theme or story.  It wasn’t exactly Batman: The Animated Series, but it was pretty great.  Well, for quite some time I’ve wanted to do a Ghostbusters mod for Freedom Force.  I was actually involved, very early on, in an abortive attempt to do just that.  However, that was one of my two early failures, and it was around then that I realized that python scripting was beyond me.  Thankfully, M25’s EZScript has changed that greatly, and now there isn’t anything for which we’ve got art assets that I CAN’T create a playable story for.  While I’d love some skins for the Ghostbusters themselves in their distinctive animated look, I do have pretty much everything that I really need for such a project.

So, what would I do with The Real Ghostbusters?  Well, I was originally thinking about just throwing together a simple one or two mission mini-mod, but the more I thought about it, the more I remembered something that had been lost in the mists of time.  There was once a really neat, but utterly impossible Ghostbusters game for one of the old consoles, perhaps Nintendo.  In it, you drove around town in Ecto-1, busted ghosts, earned money, and bought equipment.  For years I wanted a new game like that.  The fantastic new Ghostbusters games actually let us don the proton packs and bust some ghosts, but that business side of it never really showed up.

While I can’t hope to compare to those great games in terms of raw gameplay, I thought that it might be great fun to finally take advantage of the freeroam components of Freedom Force and FFX.  I think that I could work it where the Ghostbusters were running around New York, capturing spirits, earning money, etc.  Then you could use your money (CP, prestige?) to upgrade your characters and buy certain perks.  I’m working on  rough idea for a story arc to go in among the random ghost busting, but the idea does appeal to me.  This would require a good bit of preparation and work, and probably some help from the content creators of the community (I would REALLY love to see an Ecto-1 and 2), so I can’t say that it would ever come to fruition.  However, The Real Ghostbusters are now one of the mod ideas that are on my list of projects!

More Ninja Turtle Action!

Howdy everyone, it has been quite a long time since I updated the blog here.  I imagine many of you thought that I had given up on my modding pursuits.  Such is not the case!  I have been quite busy this summer, and for most of my projects I have also been waiting for the incredibly talented artists at Freedom Reborn to complete this or that piece of the puzzle.  However, I finally have everything I need for the second episode of the TMNT mod.

Continue the search for April, but you had better be wary, who knows what you can expect to find when you finally discover what the mysterious Shredder has done with your charming new friend.  The mystery deepens…if you are strong enough to survive what awaits!

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You can find more pictures here!

You’ll find a full download of the mod here.

If you downloaded the mod before 8:00 on 7/11/10, you’ll need these two patches.

You’ll need to play through the first level again if you have already tried the first release, as I’ve improved things a good bit and added a base transition that will allow you to level your characters up.

The DCUG is….Updated!

Thanks to the good people at Freedom Reborn, I was able to identify a number of bugs with both the Batman and Mystery in Space campaigns, and I have put together a patch to take care of them.  In addition to that, I’ve also replaced the missing Fire and Ice meshes.  This patch fixes:

  • Issues with the doctor standing and dying in the second Batman mission
  • The base CS not playing properly before the second Batman mission
  • The first Hawkman mission not advancing properly
  • Lack of objectives in the Batman campaign
  • Missing Fire and Ice meshes
  • Proper portrait for the Atom
  • Replaced missing Turret mesh
  • Fixed a bunch of missing resource entries
  • Some minor balance issues

You can get it here.

Playing Project Superpowers

What’s this!?  Could it be that some of that “In the Ether” talk was more than just empty fantasy?  Well, probably not, but I did manage to bang out this mini-mod thanks to the incredible skins and skopes of Sioux-City Dynamo!  This small-ish, three mission  adventure covers about half of the first volume of Project Superpowers, and it is all set for continuation, which it should certainly receive one of these days.  Much of the dialog is drawn straight from the pages of the books themselves, and many of these reinvisioned heroes show up in Freedom Force fully realized.  This is now my second mod that allows for leveling up and the like, although there isn’t much that can be done with that at the moment.  The conclusion of this first volume’s stories should see a bit more utilization of those features, whenever I get around to writing it.  There is certainly a lot of adventure awaiting you, however, as you get the chance to play as the Black Terror, the Green Lama, the Fighting Yank, the Death-Defying Devil, Samson, and the Scarab, as you begin the search for heroism in an unheroic age!

The truth is that this was meant to be one of a trio of small projects that I would release all at once, but testing and bug-correction on the other two have been slower than I’d hoped.  Thus, I thought I’d release this mini-mod since it was just hanging around gathering dust.  It hasn’t been tested as well as I’d like, so bugginess is a real possibility.  Please contact me here or on Freedom Reborn if you have any trouble.  So…one of these “In the Ether” things turned out to be more than it seemed…could there be more where this came from?  Perhaps….stay tuned!

Download the Project Superpowers mod!

And here’s a small update that fixes a few minor things.

The DCUG Has Been Released!

Well friends and fans, the day has finally come…again.  I’ve grown exceedingly tired of struggling with this mod, and although it is still not complete, and it is still not of the level of perfection that I want, I don’t know that it ever will be.  Therefore, I am releasing the DCUG, a project that is literally four years in the making.  Join me in recreating an age of heroes as you experience my vision for the DC Universe.  I hope that my efforts here will encourage many of you to tell your own stories, and I flatter myself to think that some of you may even want to do so in the setting I created.  In fact, that is one of the major reasons I undertook this labor, to give all of us a sandbox for telling stories, a central stage upon which our imaginations can run wild.  I’ve done much of the work for you, so show me what amazing tales are still waiting to be told!

Download the DCUG!

Also, you can click on the DCUG page on the right hand side of the blog for more info and a few bug notes.