Playing Project Superpowers

What’s this!?  Could it be that some of that “In the Ether” talk was more than just empty fantasy?  Well, probably not, but I did manage to bang out this mini-mod thanks to the incredible skins and skopes of Sioux-City Dynamo!  This small-ish, three mission  adventure covers about half of the first volume of Project Superpowers, and it is all set for continuation, which it should certainly receive one of these days.  Much of the dialog is drawn straight from the pages of the books themselves, and many of these reinvisioned heroes show up in Freedom Force fully realized.  This is now my second mod that allows for leveling up and the like, although there isn’t much that can be done with that at the moment.  The conclusion of this first volume’s stories should see a bit more utilization of those features, whenever I get around to writing it.  There is certainly a lot of adventure awaiting you, however, as you get the chance to play as the Black Terror, the Green Lama, the Fighting Yank, the Death-Defying Devil, Samson, and the Scarab, as you begin the search for heroism in an unheroic age!

The truth is that this was meant to be one of a trio of small projects that I would release all at once, but testing and bug-correction on the other two have been slower than I’d hoped.  Thus, I thought I’d release this mini-mod since it was just hanging around gathering dust.  It hasn’t been tested as well as I’d like, so bugginess is a real possibility.  Please contact me here or on Freedom Reborn if you have any trouble.  So…one of these “In the Ether” things turned out to be more than it seemed…could there be more where this came from?  Perhaps….stay tuned!

Download the Project Superpowers mod!

And here’s a small update that fixes a few minor things.