All FX have basically the same installation procedure. This is the base readme I use for FX – FXNAME is the name of the FX. So you can substitute phoenix_claw or phoenix_blast and the procedure is still the same.

1) Place the TGA files in the Data\\Art\\library\\fx\\_textures directory

2) Place the FXNAME FX folder (containing NIF files) in your

Data\\Art\\library\\fx\\generic directory.

-Open the FFeditor & select the FX tab

-If you do not have the FF Editor, you’ll need to download it from:

1) On the bottom right hand corner, click the New button

2) In the FX Details section, type or copy:
Nif Base: library\\fx\\generic\\FXNAME
Attack Type: Ranged
Attack Sub Type: Projectile

3) In the bottom right hand corner, click Save. The FX should now show up on the list.

4) Select FXNAME (the FX you just created) from the list on the left

5) In the Node Attachment Points section:
Start: Right Hand
Core: Right Hand
End: leave blank

6) In the bottom right hand corner, click Save

credit by MikeB7