The DC Universe According to Grey

DC Universe According to Grey (DCUG):

I love the characters and the world that DC has created, but I feel like the mass of writers after the silver age have mishandled the great creations of their predecessors.  Do I think the Silver Age was what all comics should be?  No, it was a time of campy, shallow stories, but I can’t say that things have gotten a whole lot better since then.  For a long time now I’ve been thinking, what would it be like if I could re-write DC history, guide the seminal characters from their beginnings to endings that they actually deserve.  No Emerald Twilight for Hal, no musical coffins for deceased characters, one long, single-authored storyline.

This is a dream that is outside of my abilities for so many reasons its hard to even begin to list them, and I can’t even think to accomplish it through FF because of the natural limitations of it being an interactive medium, you can’t just produce one long cutscene.  Yet, the point of all this is that, unless the editors at DC just happen to choose my name out of a phone book and say “here, run the company for us,” I’m going to have to go with the next best thing.  So, I’ve spent the last several years putting together the DC Universe in Freedom Force: skins, meshes, herofiles,  my own voicepacks, and a whole host of campaigns that utilize more DC characters than you can shake a stick at.

  • A Universe of Heroes and Villains
  • From the Obscure
  • To the VERY Obscure

This mod includes Three full campaigns, with a major  expansion added to the JLA missions that existed at the time of my abortive release last year.  This expansion effectively doubles the length of that campaign, and allows the player to visit the JSA in WWII.  Also completed and ready to play are a Batman campaign and a “Mystery in Space,” which alternates stories between Hawkman and the Atom.  I’ll also likely include the first missions for future campaigns like Aquaman, and The The Question.

Because of all that has happened and the scope of this mod, I am releasing it even though it is still unfinished.  I removed some FX at the request of their author, so several characters may be missing the FX for their powers.  Fire and Ice are also both missing meshes now.  The JSA campaign is incomplete as well.  Still, the vast majority of the DCUG is available for play.  You can find it here:

Download the DCUG!

And I forgot a keyframe set, get it here.

And a small patch for the Batman campaign.

Or if you’ve downloaded the previous version, get this patch!

You can see the mod in action in these old, and exceedingly poor videos I made a while back:

48 comments on “The DC Universe According to Grey

  1. detourne_me says:

    finally, eh? Wow, this looks amazing BG!
    I’ll DL it once i get home tonight.

  2. PapaDragon says:

    Thanks for creating a mod for one of the best and yet still overlooked RPGs ever!

    Gonna try it out!

    One question: Is it all voiced? Or are there characters left that would require the player to read all subtitles?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy, it is voiced in that many characters have a voice pack, so they will verbalize during the game, but the dialog is entirely unvoiced. It would be an even more massive project to try to get all of the campaigns voiced.

  3. Marshall says:

    Very nice! Thanks for all the hard work and such! Its people like you who keep this really overlooked gem of a game alive.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. One of these days I’ll get around to updating it, but I’m pretty burnt out at the moment. If you haven’t, make sure to visit Freedom Reborn and check out all the incredible stuff that the community has created for Freedom Force.

  4. Tekdollarsign says:

    Dr. Mister Gray,
    I have taken the time to log into this comment section to say THANK YOU! I was a fan of 60’s pastiche that the Freedom Force game gave us but longed to use the game mechanics to battle my favorite heroes from the comics. You have worked very hard to give me that chance. I have been playing your mods for years now and am currently redownloading your pack after going some months without your excellent game. Simply using the rumble room feature I have been able to smash hero into villain in increasingly complicated story arcs and team-ups. I have spent cumulative MONTHS slaving away at re-balancing the heroes to my endless delight. Your work has not been in vain as you have created (in my mind) the greatest game play experience ever in a manner that even the non-tech savey can enjoy. I thank you again and look forward to any future work.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Thank you very much! That is high praise indeed. I’m afraid I only stood on the shoulders of giants, though if my efforts have provided that much entertainment to you, I am very gratified. I’d love to hear some feedback on the balancing and what have you, so feel free to head to Freedom Reborn and let me know what you’d like to see changed or improved.

  5. BigBadLejin says:

    I have to admit this looks incredible. You deserve all the credit u get and more! I just have one question. This is for ‘Freedom Force’ or ‘Freedom Force VS The 3rd Reich’?

    Also, Ive joined the Freedom Reborn Forum however I haven’t been able to find any download links for the FFEDIT. Could you help me out by any chance?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Thanks! I hope that it lives up to your expectations! I’ve got some technical difficulties going on with the download at the moment, Mediafire seems to have a problem with the last piece of the archive, but hopefully it will be resolved soon. To answer your question, it is only for FFvTTR, as the program I used to create the campaigns only works with that game. You should be able to find the mod tools here:

      Also, if you’re using the Steam version, just do a search on Freedom Reborn and you’ll find plenty of info on how to make everything play nicely together. Welcome to the community!

  6. paul pifer says:

    Hello, i’ve tried several times to download the mod but normal it never actually begans downloading, is there a alternate place to download the mod? i’d love to play it,

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy Paul, when was the last time you tried to download it? I was having troubles with Mediafire recently, but they were resolved, or so I thought. Can you give me some details about which files were giving you trouble? I’m afraid there isn’t another place to download it at the moment.

  7. Adrian says:

    How to install this ; /

    • Benton Grey says:

      Adrian, have you read the readme? You need to download all of the pieces to a single location. Next, you need to combine and unpack all of them. The easiest way to do this is with 7-Zip, though most zip programs will work. Select all of the files, right click, and choose either “extract” or “combine,” depending on which program you are using. Put the combined “DCUG” folder into your FFvTTR directory, and you’re ready to play!

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  9. paolo says:

    i still don’t get how to get this mod to work i’ve put it in the directory now what do i do?

  10. paolo says:


  11. paolo says:

    ok i got it to work but how do you turn off bullet’s voice it’s kind of annoying

    • Benton Grey says:

      Paolo, I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble installing the mod. What was the trouble? If you want to get rid of Bullet’s voice, there are a few different ways to do it. The simplest would be to download the FFvTTR mod tools, found here:
      Everything is contained under the CharacterTool. Then, open up FFEdit (you’ll find the launcher in your FFvTTR folder). Change the primary data path to end with “DCUG.” Then close and reopen the program (to make sure it resets), go to the Characters tab, and change the voicepack entry for whichever character is bothering you. You can change it to point to a new voicepack, or you can simply leave it blank if you want no voice.

      If you have any more questions or trouble, visit the Freedom Force Community here:
      They’ll be able to answer your questions and help you out, even if I’m not available.

  12. paolo says:

    thanks so much man i’m sorry for the trouble

  13. paolo says:

    oh and sorry one more thing. Bane and Owlman don’t seem to walk as in you can’t see them do physical actions. just a heads up

    • Benton Grey says:

      Hmm…that’s probably just me having the keyframes.txt file pointing to the wrong place. Thanks for pointing that out! I’ll fix it in the next patch. You can also fix it yourself if you want to use those characters right away. If you find the Owlman and Bane mesh folders in your DCUG/art/library/custom_characters directory, they’ll each contain a keyframes.txt file which will be pointing to their kf’s. I probably misspelled them.

  14. paolo says:

    awesome. and again thank you so much man this is pretty much my childhood in a video game! thanks for the hard work!

  15. Pui Ho Lam says:

    I can’t deactivate the turrets in mission 04 hawkman forest.

  16. paolo says:

    sorry one more thing when professor zoom and the flash are played at the same time they seem to mirror each other’s actions even if they are doing different attacks or actions. How do i fix this?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Hi Paolo, that is a bug with the meshes. You can fix it by turning off all shadows in your video options. Also, there is a python script that can fix the actual meshes, but I don’t know where to lay my hands on it at the moment.

  17. Arthur says:

    I have same problem as Pui.Can not deactivate turrets.I did not found solution on Freedom Reborn

  18. Arthur says:

    I completed this mission by changing difficulty to Very Easy and destroying turrets.How many missions does DCUG have ? I completed Atom mission 5 (after university) and now i can not choose other missions.I stuck at briefing screen.When i tried to save game ,name of save was “Chaos in Cuba”.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Arthur, I’m sorry you’re having troubles with that mission. There isn’t a solution on FR, but I was hoping one someone with this issue would post their script.log over there so I could try and find one. I’m glad that you found a work around, but if you’d post in the DCUG thread in the mods section at FR, I might be able to put together a patch that will fix that issue. To do so, however, I’ll need to see where it’s coming from.

      As for the other missions, don’t forget to check out the readme, as the campaigns are all separate! You won’t be able to play the JLA campaign from the Hawkman/Atom one, and so forth. To play a different campaign you’ll just need to switch out your campaign file. Open up your mod folder, find your campaign file, which is named campdef.dat. You’ll want to rename it something like Hawkmancampdef.dat. Next you’ll look for the “campaigns” folder, find the campaign you want to play, copy it, and drop it into the main DCUG folder. Rename it campdef.dat, and you’re all set.

      Let me know if you’ve got any more questions!

  19. connor says:

    any update of this awesome mod?
    i mean we are now in 2013 , maybe u are about to give uss some news 🙂
    by the way i think u make the best mods for ff

    • Benton Grey says:

      Well, thanks so much Connor, that is very kind of you! I suppose that your question is certainly fair enough; it is 2013, as strange as that seems. What would you like to know? I’ll circle back around to the DCUG eventually, though I have a few projects in the line-up before it. I really want to release my secret project before too long, though I can never seem to quite get it ready. The next episode of the TMNT mod is what I’m working on at the moment, and then there remain PCTales and my barely begun Pulp Mod all demanding attention. I have, however, been pining away for DC goodness given the disappointing, though not surprising, state of the DCNU. I’ve been trying to give Arrow a chance recently, which has made me desperately want to tell a decent Green Arrow story, as those folks are obviously not capable of doing so, so intent are they on telling tales of a Nolan-esq Batman-with-a-bow. So, the short answer to a request for news of the DCUG is that there isn’t any to speak of. I hope sometime in the next year to get back to it, but life stays busy and gets in the way. I’m glad folks have enjoyed my little project enough to want more. In the meantime, what would y’all like to see change/improve? What would y’all like to see more of in terms of missions and characters?

      • Connor says:

        Thank u for aswering so soon 🙂
        but im gona asnwer u by parts.
        first of all im afraid to ask for your help cause i downloaded the DCUG but i can´t play it 😦 im gona put a new threat in freedom reborn so its easyer for u than here :/
        second im corious whats that secret project ? 😛
        Im sure it take u a lot of time to make this mod with all the help u can get arround and its really amazing so i wana say thank u even if i couldnt try it out 😦
        I know what is making DC maybe it doesnt satisfied everyone but for some heroes is better,i love the new costume of superman and superboy, the same for flash. So if u ask me i would like to see something of the new 52 🙂
        And hope this is not taken by the wrong way but i hope u make the following upgrades with AfghanAnt, his job with skins ,fx and meshes are beautifull!
        Well im not taking u more of your time, see ya Benton:)

      • Benton Grey says:

        Howdy Connor, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with the DCUG. Hopefully you’ll get access to FR soon, as that will make the troubleshooting easier, and you’ll have access to the collected wisdom of the community, which rather dwarfs my own FF know-how. In the meantime, feel free to post about your issue, and I’ll help if I can.

        Well, it’s a secret! It’s the first step in something larger.

        Well, the DCUG is rather a beast. It took me three years and change to create, though, to be fair, I was learning how to do everything as I went along! Well, I hope you’ll get to try it out soon, and that it will live up to your expectations.

        I’m not a big fan of most of the new costumes. Superman and Batman both look like they are missing something without the trunks, and most of the changes seem to me more or less unnecessary. I will always remember when I first started playing around with the character creator for Champions Online. I was trying to create some interesting superhero costumes, and everything I did just looked overdesigned and busy. It was then that it struck me how very brilliant a lot of the classic DC costumes are. They are elegantly simple, iconic, and instantly recognizable. It’s a difficult thing to try to create, which is evidenced by how rarely new characters and redesigns really make their mark. Even now, DC is going to push these redesigns relentlessly, but I bet you that in 10 years if you ask a kid to draw Superman, chances are he’ll draw him with red trunks.

        The DCNU in general is just disappointing for me. If you’ve read the DCUG description you know that I had long argued that DC just needed to start over again and do things right from the beginning. That was, after all, what I myself tried to do with my little project. Well, DC squandered the opportunity to do that by half starting over, half not, and by making the same old mistakes they made with these characters the first time around. If you’re enjoying the books, I’m glad. I just constantly look at the few books I’m buying, soon to be fewer, and think to myself, ‘well, that was okay, but that’s about all I can say for it.’ They’re all too brief, too grim, and trying too hard. I think of these stories in comparison with Bruce Timm’s Justice League Unlimited, and the quality of storytelling that show achieved. They tell stories that are exciting, but also moving, where you love all of the characters, and no moment is wasted. I also think of these mediocre offerings in comparison to the books that I’m really enjoying right now, IDW’s TMNT and Larry Hama’s G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero. TMNT is doing a great job of recreating something amazing, and doing so in a new, but at the same time familiar and lovable way. Hama’s JOE book is, quite simply, the best comic I’ve ever bought. They’re amazingly entertaining, and I can’t wait for each new issue. I just wonder why I should give DC my money for ‘not bad’ when I am already getting ‘fantastic’ elsewhere.

        If you’d like to see some stories told about the New 52 universe, well, I’m afraid it’s not my cup of tea. As far as I can tell, the purpose of the DCUG still remains pretty valid for me. I can’t find what I want in the comics, so I’ll tell my own stories, pitching to an audience of one. If other folks enjoy them too, so much the better. If others just want to play with the toys I’ve put together in order to tell those stories, well I’m pretty happy with that too. So, it seems very unlikely that I’ll bring any of the New 52 ‘verse into the DCUG. If you want to see that universe brought to life, let me encourage you to do what I did. Modding does take a lot of work, but it’s easier than you might think. I began just building characters the way I wanted them, and ended up telling my own stories. All of my mods are open to do whatever you like with, provided you give me credit if you release it, so feel free to use the DCUG as a base to create your own version of these characters and settings.

        Which AA skins and skopes do you think I should include? I agree, he’s done some amazing work!

  20. Connor says:

    Im sorry Benton im so frustrated with this, by the way the freedom reborn didnt check my user yet, so i cant post anything 😦

  21. Connor says:

    Well thats what i call a good answer lol
    I have been with this trouble all my afternoon since yestarday, im so hype to play your mod that i get so mad, this kind
    of bugs happens only to me xD.
    The fact is that i done everything as u said but i have a hunch that something is missing, for example in the folder of data i dont have nothing.
    if i try to start your mod it´s give me this error :

    well as i figure something of language i put the the folder “lang” inside the folder data
    and when i try now to start the mod this happen:

    I search on the forum if anyone have this trouble but only i see something similar with the mod of AfghanAnt, but i didnt have any answer.
    so is your mod u are the god here who can help me i guess 😛

    Can u give uss any clue about your secret?

    I agree with u about what would draw the kid if u ask him, and i agree too about they were simple the costume before, im more a marvel fan than DC but lately im loving DC, dont get me wrong when i was a kid my superheroes were Batman, Superman and Flash.
    But i really never like the superman costume, dont ask me why i just dont know lol, so seeing that new outfit was like an new kind of look for the man of steel.
    Im pretty sure that what u made in your mod is excellent, i have no doubt about it, and im not pretending u to change anything (but if u can put some new skins maybe for yours heros with the 52 costumes that would be nice 😛 ) :p when i finish the DCUG im going after the Marvel mod.
    If u ask me what im reading well im gona tell u : Vagabond, wanted, and other books, flashpoint.

    Thank u for let me use your mod to give my first step on moding, ill see if i can get the encourage u have to make this lol, but u are the master here.

    wich AA? i like every single one he made of marvel and dc! so include all u can of AfghanAnt work.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Connor, thanks for providing screenshots, that should be helpful. Well, let’s see…it seems that your machine is in Spanish or Portuguese…I’m not sure, but that MIGHT be the cause of your problem. I suppose it depends on how smart computers are these days. It looks like you put the DCUG folder in your FFvTTR directory, so that’s good. Find the DCUG shortcut, right-click on it, and select properties. Check to make sure that the entry for “Target” and “Start In” indicate the right directories (the actual file path of your FFvTTR directory). Since I wrote them in English, it is possible that the different language is throwing them off. That is a place to begin, if nothing else.

      Hmm, a hint, huh? Well…okay. This project does not involve any DC or Marvel characters.

      Well, folks have their own tastes.:) I’m afraid there aren’t many of the New 52 costumes that I prefer to the originals. The good thing about a mod, though, is that you can always customize things like that on your own. One of the things that got me started with modding was updating all of the meshes/skins in the classic Suicide Squad mod for FF1. So, if you want everyone to have collars and for there not to be a pair of trunks in sight, all you have to do is plop the skins you want into the character’s folders, open up FFEdit, and point all of their Template entries to those new skin folders. It’s actually a good way to get comfortable with some of the basics of modding, as if you screw anything up, you can’t do too much damage!:)

      I heard Flashpoint was decent, but I haven’t read it yet. I have to say that I do enjoy the thought of Aquaman getting serious and just about destroying the world. That’s entertaining as an elseworlds story.

      Haha, well, I am going to give AA’s amazing work a look when it comes time to release an update for the DCUG, that I promise you.

      • giardino27 says:

        Here Connor, well im gona give u anything u need to help me lol
        i almoust punch my pc :p, yes is in spanish im from Argentina 🙂
        I did as u tell and u we right it was in english (like u can see here i changed , maybe u see something that i dont in the folder that is wrong i dont know what else to think)

        and i was so happy cause it didnt give any pop up error! and the screen get in black like it was gona start! but … 😦 nothing happens it just stay like that freeze 😦 i had to shut it down to get back to deskopt.

        mmm another comic universe? book? movie? YOURS?

        Thats good idea to start, i will try it out 🙂 thanks.

        I like some stories of flashpoint, flash is really great here. Aquaman too, batman as thomas wayne cause bruce is dead lol
        it is really fun to read.

        That would be great! thanks ! 🙂

      • Benton Grey says:

        Okay, don’t give up, we’ll figure it out! Now that you’re on FR, we’ll pursue our investigation there, where the community can help.

        Haha, I will say that, though I’ve got plenty of my own characters and stories to pursue eventually, that isn’t what my secret project is…not yet, at least!

  22. Cebi says:

    How do you install these? I have the “zip” files but the format is all screwy stuff like:

    It says to use a Zip program to combine them, i have no clue how because it tells me that its in an unreadable format using Winrar.

    Any advice?

    • Cebi says:

      Fixed that problem, you HAVE to use 7-zip, winrar doesn’t understand it as a file with stuff in it unless you change the actual file, hence corrupting it.

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  24. B Smithy says:

    Stumbled on this – looks fabulous!!

    Dumb question – can this be run on mac without boot camp?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy Smithy! I’m glad you’ve found my little project, and I hope you enjoy it!

      I’m afraid I don’t know much about Macs, but I’m pretty sure mods CAN work on them. I think I remember something about mods working as long as they didn’t come in an installer, so maybe mine will. I’m afraid I just don’t know enough to help with that question. If you try the Freedom Force community at our home,, there is likely to be someone there who would know.

  25. […] I’ve been reading through a broad range of DC comics from the Silver and Bronze Ages.  As my DC Universe According to Grey mod amply demonstrates, I have a deep and abiding love of the DC Universe, especially as it existed […]

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