Tutorial #7 Fixing a Ghosting Mesh

For this tutorial you’ll need:

NifSkope .94, Nifconverter (ie EZNifconverter), A WORKING FFVTTR mesh (ie ActionGirl, NoCapeMan, etc), an FF mesh that “ghosts”.

  1. Open ActionGirl in NifSkope. Find and highlight “NiSkinPartition”. (In “View” have “Block Details” selected). Right-click “NiSkinPartition”, select “Block”>”Copy”.

external image Tut1.jpg

  1. Load the Mesh to be fixed into NifSkope.

N.B. DO NOT close NifSkope in between steps 1 and 2.
N.B.B. The mesh MUST be female_basic based and nifconverted.
Find and highlight “NiSkinData”. RIGHT CLICK AND SELECT “Block”>”Paste”
external image Tut3.jpg

external image Tut4.jpg

  1. Go back up to “NiSkinData”.

In “Block Details” highlight “Skin Partition” as shown.
external image Tut5.jpg

Double-click the “Value” field in “Skin Partition” to make it editable.
external image Tut6.jpg

Enter the value of the “NiSkinPartition” block (in this case “166”) into the “Value” field.
external image Tut7.jpg

Now “NiSkinData” will correctly link to our copied “NiSkinPartition”.
external image Tut8.jpg
Save the mesh.It should now work in-game without ghosting.