How to Make Voicepacks

General Introductions

Voicepacks are relatively easy to make. The clips need to be in mp3 format and can be named whatever is convenient to you. You’ll also need to add appropriate entries in speech.dat, as decribed below. After that, follow the instructions for installing voicepacks.

Types of Clips

Here’s a brief list of all the events for which voicepacks are normally used and how many clips are recommend, although any number can be used. They are used for both games, when not stated otherwise.





Attack The character is attacking 4-7 SPEECH_??_ATTACK1
Knocked Out The character is KO’d 3-5 SPEECH_??_KNOCKED OUT
Frustration Cannot follow player command 1 SPEECH_??_FRUSTRATION
Interrogate Me The character is being attacked, but is waiting to be interrogated 1-2 SPEECH_??_INTEROGATEME
Hypnosis The character was hypnotised 1-2 SPEECH_??_HYPNOSIS
Dodge Character dodges enemy attack 1-2 SPEECH_??_DODGE
Defend Character under attack 1 SPEECH_??_DEFEND1
Can’t Interrogate Tried to interrogate enemy when other enemies are still in the area 1 SPEECH_??_CANTINTEROGATE
Pain Is taking a small amount of damage 2-4 SPEECH_??_PAIN
Major Pain Took a large amount of damage 2-4 SPEECH_??_MAJORPAIN
Alert Enemies spotted 2-4 SPEECH_??_ALERT
Respond Ordered to attack 1-3 SPEECH_??_RESPOND
Blank Mentally Blanked 1 SPEECH_??_BLANK
Select Character selected by player 4-7 SPEECH_??_SELECT
Rage Enraged 1 SPEECH_??_RAGE
Panic Paniced 1 SPEECH_??_PANIC
Overpower Using overpowered attack 1-2 SPEECH_??_OVERPOWER


Recover Primary state wears off 1-2 SPEECH_??_RECOVER
Irritation The character is in battle without any orders 1-2 SPEECH_??_IRRITATION
Heroic Character is using a hero point 1 SPEECH_??_HEROIC
Heal Character is using a healing power 1-2 SPEECH_??_HEAL

Setting up speech.dat

This is the proper format for a speech.txt voice pack entry

  • SPEECH_DT_ATTACK1_01, speech\english\dinothug\ATTACK1_01.mp3

DT is the two letter voice code, which must be unique for each character.

The two digit number on the end of the tag and before the comma will identify which clip this is. It should go in sequence from 1 to whatever the total number of clips is. If there is only one clip, then that clip must still have the number 01.

The part after comma is the directory within the mod folder or data folder. It can be changed, if desired. The best way to use this is to add new subfolders to make organizing new voicepacks easier.

Also note that a space before the tag MUST be present.