Marvel Adventures Released!


It’s done!  Welcome to Adventure in the Marvel Universe!   This is a gigantic mod that encompasses large swaths of the Marvel comics universe.  It attempts to capture the classic feel of a large assortment of characters with new stories set during the heyday of such icons as Captain America, Thor, the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four, as well as a bevy of villains and guest stars.

This mod gives you control over some of your favorite superheroes and lets you fight for justice in four color glory!  Included you will find a total of seven campaigns for a wide variety of characters and teams.  You can face the villainous Hellfire Club as the X-Men, or struggle to save all of the nine realms as Thor and his allies.

Check out the Marvel Adventures Album HERE!


So, what are you waiting for? Join the fight!

Download Marvel Adventures now!

This mod is akin to my massive DC Universe According to Grey, though on a much smaller scale.  I have not tried to capture the entire width and breadth of the Marvel Universe, just my favorite corners thereof.  You’ll still find a very large mod here, with most of the classic heroes and many of the classic villains of the Marvel Universe.  On the other hand, this mod embraces a similar design philosophy to the DCUG, not trying to completely capture any interpretation of the Marvel U., instead trying to create an idealized version, something of the best of all worlds, in my opinion.  It is most closely based on the Bronze Age, but I took liberties to clean up continuity or for the sake of the story I wanted to tell.

Keep in mind, not all of the campaigns tell complete stories, and all of these are intended to be expanded and continued.  In the future I’ll add a Spider-Man campaign, Dr. Strange, perhaps Captain Marvel, and others.

16 comments on “Marvel Adventures Released!

  1. jimaras8 says:

    Hey Benton kudos on your release.I am waiting approximately 2 years for this.You are my messiah sir.However for the past week i have been trying to create an account on freedom reobrn.My account is completed althought no authentication e-mail is sent to this adress: really like to join the community you guys have created but i justg cant.Is there anything i can do?

    • Benton Grey says:

      Haha, well thank you jimaras, that’s very kind. Hmm, that’s strange. I’ll contact the administrator and see if they can’t go ahead and approve you. Ohh, and have you checked your spam filter for the confirmation email?

  2. Tim says:

    Wow, did I ever hit the nail on the head for checking out how the Freedom Force community is doing now-a-days. Congratulations Benton on completing this! I’ve always been a huge Marvel fan! I’ve been planning on reinstalling the FF games and now I have the perfect reason. Any chance you can provide what’s required? It’s been a while since I fooled around with FF. Is this for FFvsTTR? Requires FFX I assume? I’m going to have to read up again on how to install everything. I can’t wait to give this a try.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Thanks Tim, I hope that you’ll enjoy this little project of mine. This mod, like all of mine, is indeed for FFvTTR. All you have to do to install it is install the game itself, then drop the mod folder into your FFvTTR directory. If you have it installed somewhere other than the default directory, you’ll need to edit the MA shortcut to point to the proper location. That’s it!

      • Tim says:

        Thanks Benton for replying. That sound much easier than I remember when trying to get mods installed for FF in the past. I wish I had your skill set at creating mods. I never seemed to have the time to master the skills needed to pull something like this off though I had plenty of ideas I would have liked to seen come to fruition. Thank God for people like yourself! I cant wait to play as some Marvel heroes!

      • Benton Grey says:

        My pleasure Tim. Well, I won’t say that it is easy, per se, but modding is much easier these days than it used to be, thanks to the amazing work of M25. He created EZScript, which allows even a Python illiterate guy like me to do things like this. Also, if you have stories you want to tell, all of my mods are free to use as the base of your own. EZScript can take a bit of getting used to, but with most of the setup work done for you, it’s much simpler. Feel free to whip up some of your own stories if you want. I only have two conditions, that you please give me credit, and that you share the final result if you think someone else might enjoy it! We need all the content creators we can get in the FF community!

  3. jimaras8 says:

    Benton i did it!finally part of freedom reborn.Now if you dont mind i would like to pin point some issues i have with certain powers.For example cyclops is able to do only the cone and his optic rage.The other 3 abilities just dont happen.I target someone and cyclops stands idle.That happens on mr fantastics most abilites and in some other characters i dont remember right now.Is it my fault or is because of the code!I dont want to semm like whinning as the mod is superb,i just report them for other users sake 🙂

    • Benton Grey says:

      Welcome to the community Jimaras8! Nope, the issue you were having was not your fault, you found several FX that were missing from the mod folder. The patch I uploaded should fix that. Please don’t hesitate to point out anything that doesn’t work!

  4. Tim says:


    I’ve haven’t had a lot of time to play but what I have played is amazing! You have done a great job capturing the spirit of the characters in the dialog. I feel like the X-men are spot on!

    I have run into a few issues that I wanted to ask you about though. After fighting the Sentinels, the cutscene back at the X-mansion appears to have a problem. All of the dialog appears on the left side of the screen and is run together. It no longer appears in the text bubbles with the characters heads. Any ideas?
    The skins for Rogue and Ice-man have a unnatural shine or something that make them look very strange. Any idea on how to fix this or do you think its a video card issue?
    Also Wolverine goes berserk almost every time he is hit and starts killing the other X-men. Is there anyway to adjust this so it doesn’t happen so frequently?

    Issues aside, I am really enjoying this!!!! You’ve inspired me so much after seeing what can be done, I may have to look into trying to make a mod of my on like you suggested. If I can only find more time.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Thanks Tim! I’m really glad you felt I got the dialog right. I worked hard on the writing for those missions. I must just have forgotten to compile the dialog from that base scene. I’ll look into that and the odd shininess. I’ll have some fixes before too long.

  5. jimaras8 says:

    Hey Benton its me bothering you again 🙂 . I was wondering if you had a personal e-mail cause i have some questions for hero creation. You see i have the mesh, the hero file and the FX but i have no idea how to combine them to create a hero. In game hero creation tool is simplistic as you are aware. If you have time i would like to discuss it.

    • Benton Grey says:

      Howdy Jimaras, drop me a PM on Freedom Reborn, and I’ll be happy to share my email address with you. I don’t want to put it on here, for obvious reasons.

      • jimaras8 says:

        Benton i dont know if you have received my PMs on FR. Althought the site notified me that my messages have sent, i dont see them in my sent messages section. Sorry to post this in public but i wasnt sure if you would be able to read it in FR

  6. TapCat says:

    I don’t know if you’re still actively managing this site, but I wanted to let you know that the links to each of the 5 patches for Marvel Adventures are all broken. I get routed to a page that says “Error 404: NOT FOUND! This domain name has just been registered.”

    • Benton Grey says:

      Whoops! Thanks TapCat! I am most definitely still here. I’m just busy. I’ve started a doctoral program, so my time is quite limited. I’m still here to deal with specific issues, and I will hopefully be able to make some major progress on mods this summer.

      As for the dead links you found, I think that the main link is updated so the patches are no longer necessary. I’ll remove the links now.

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