New Marvel Adventures Update!


Howdy folks!  I’m still hard at work on the DCUG (look for another Developer’s Journal soon, with lots of really cool developments), but my friend, the mighty Marvelite, Jimaras8 has been hard at work as well, continuing his work updating and expanding Marvel Adventures.  He’s added a few new characters, but he’s mainly been focused on balance tweaks and FX udpates. I also completed a set of bug fixes, replacing missing textures and objects that were causing problems in some of the missions.

Check it out HERE!

New Characters:

  • Thena
  • Vampire Servant
  • Vampire Enforcer
  • Vampire Berserker
  • Captain Britain
  • Nitro

New Powers and FX

Bug Fixes:

  • Added missing hammer texture to X-Men Palace mission
  • Added missing Minotaur_statue object from same
  • Added bounding boxes to weapons in that mission
  • Added rubble textures and objects to various missions

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